Wednesday 23 October 2013

Coffins - The Fleshland (Album Review)

The Fleshland cover art

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released :  9/7/2013
Label : Relapse Records

THE FLESHLAND, track listing :

1. Here Comes Perdition
2. Hellbringer
3. The Colossal Hole
4. No Saviour
5. The Vacant Pale Vessel
6. Rotten Disciples
7. Dishuman
8. The Unhallowed Tide
9. Tormentopia

Bio :

Coffins’ Relapse debut ‘The Fleshland’ has all the subtlety of Godzilla’s destruction of Tokyo.  After 3 full lengths and countless underground splits and eps, Japan’s Coffins have ascended from cult heroes to death/doom royalty, and ‘The Fleshland’ may just be their best effort yet.  Absolutely punishing monolithic riffs combine with disgusting grooves to create one of the heaviest records to ever rise out of the east.  Coffins are the best metal band coming out of Japan, if not the whole world

The Band :

Koreeda | Bass, Vocals
Ryo | Vocals
Uchino | Guitars, Vocals
Satoshi | Drums

Review :

Japan, land of the rising sun. Also apparently home of the hideous death / doom noise-mongering torture soundtrack, if Coffins are anything to go by. Pretty sure that if them Geneva folks convened to spin 'The Fleshland' they would try to have it banned outright somehow. Killjoys.
This is an ugly record, for sure. Like somebody recorded a death metal album but then slowed it waaaay down. It leaves you trapped in a haze of profound unease, with the hairs on the back of your neck not just stood upright, but forced to become self aware enough to have the good sense to try and escape the confines of your body. Apart from the feeling that you might be damaging your morals if you listen to this filth (hint: you absolutely SHOULD), it's a killer record jammed to bursting with some balls heavy riffs and gut busting beats.
Straight away, I really loved 'The Colossal Hole'. It's a great representation of the album as a whole, and pretty much the Coffins sound. Slow tempo, stacked full of absolute weight and utterly virulent. The gargled vocals are horrible, in a totally fitting and perfect way. Uttered from the depths of the throat, and probably depravity too. The riffs are doomy and winding, like a cross between Candlemass and Autopsy. I suppose that a near equivalent would actually be Autopsy, but the group seems to convey maybe an even more evil sentiment than that legendary outfit. It's a ground shaker for sure, and a real highlight.
'The Vacant Pale Vessel' is quite similar in style to the aforementioned cut, but with a slightly heightened pace. It's probably my favourite slice off this suitably foul cadaver of an album, great riffs are abound within, all sewn together with that absolutely never anything but ominous tone. It drags itself forward with vindication and purpose, like a zombie pulling itself forth from the grave. So very horrid, so very good.
'Dishuman' is a far speedier affair, upping the tempo considerably. More death than doom here, the drums gallop along with conviction. There's a great portion of speed in the middle right before a monolithic collapse back to sloth-like territory. It's like it's breaking your legs to stop you from escaping. Right before it goes medieval on you in the climax, unloading in a frenzy.
Relapse is onto a winner here with this hot Japanese export. Coffins are superb in every sense at what they do. This record can and should give you night terrors, a slab of complete diseased and festering heaviness. 'The Fleshland' reeks like somebody left the heating on in a morgue, and any lovers of sounds slow and murderous should check it out without delay.

Words by : Matt Fitton
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