Thursday 10 October 2013

Tides From Nebula - Eternal Movement (Album Review)

Eternal Movement cover art

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 4/10/2013
Label : Long Branch Records / SPV

Eternal Movement, track listing :

1. Laughter of Gods
2. Only With Presence
3. Satori
4. Emptiness of Yours and Mine
5. Hollow Lights
6. Now Run
7. Let it Out, Let it Flow, Let it Fly
8. Up From Eden

Bio :

“Eternal Movement” is TIDES FROM NEBULA’s 3rd studio album and has been produced by Christer Andre Cederberg, who produced last years ‘Weather Systems’ by Anathema amongst others.
The band locked themselves away in their own studio for six months, focusing 100% on writing new material. The result, an album full of energetic, bright and uplifting tracks inspired by the bands thoughts on existence, consciousness and identity. The album title, ‘Eternal Movement’ is the movement of life, of the World. When we look at things as a microcosm, deep within the atom it’s just energy and therefore movement. All we are, all we see is movement. The ‘Eternal Movement’ sound is the bands most colourful to date. In their own words: “‘It’s energetic, full of hope and light. It’s has a greater depth of sound as we used several more guitars, different drum kits and far more keyboards than previous albums”. Following the album release TIDES FROM NEBULA will start a massive European tour supporting THE OCEAN

The Band :

Adam Waleszyński | Guitar
Maciej Karbowski  |Guitar, Keys, Piano
Przemek Węgłowski | Bass
Tomasz Stołowski |Drums

Review :
Prog tinged instrumental four-piece Tides From Nebula have, with their third album Eternal Movement, a stunning piece of work. The band, who call Warsaw in Poland their home, unveil the album with a huge wall of sound that hits you like a tidal wave. Like a stormy ocean, Maciej Karbowski’s keyboards rise and fall dramatically atop an undercurrent of cymbal heavy drum work which itself gives off an oceanic vibe. But the storm soon dies down and calmer passengers, which are placed throughout this record, are beautiful, stirring compositions. Delicate rolling snare builds in underneath soothing clean guitars leading to a crescendo that sees fuzzy guitars take the helm. By the close of this first track you are well and truly lost and encapsulated in the record.

What helps here is the seamless transitions between songs, as the album title suggests this is one eternal movement, one long journey that takes you down various paths, taking many twists and turns along the way.

On Satori the dynamics are tampered with to full effect, with gentle, reverb-heavy guitars interweaving with loud, cinematic crashes.  And, like all good prog bands, as the music intensifies, it doesn’t always conclude in an instant climax. It lulls you into a false sense of security, leaves you waiting for that inevitable.

Somewhat refreshingly, these songs aren’t necessarily centred around one riff ideas. Each track continues the journey with unpredictable structures rich in melody and emotion.

Of course, being a progressive band patience is a virtue. There is a time and place for Eternal Movement. Listen to this in the wrong frame of behind and its often snail-like pace and drawn out crescendos will bore you. This definitely isn’t an album to stick on and lose your head to. But if you want a relaxing, atmospheric album to immerse yourself in for 48 minutes, then few other releases this year will satisfy quite as much.   

Words by : Phil Weller

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as support for THE OCEAN
29.10.2013 – Germany, Hamburg, Logo
30.10.2013 – Netherlands, Haarlem, Patronaat
31.10.2013 – Netherlands, Rotterdam, Baroeg
01.11.2013 – United Kingdom, London, The Garage
02.11.2013 – United Kingdom, Leeds, Damnation Festival
03.11.2013 – France, Paris, Divan du Monde
05.11.2013 – Spain, Barcelona, Apolo 2
06.11.2013 – Spain, Madrid, Caracol
07.11.2013 – Portugal, Porto, Hard Club
09.11.2013 – Italy, Turin, AudioDrome
10.11.2013 – Italy, Rome, Traffic
11.11.2013 – Slovenia, Ljubljana, Gala Hala
12.11.2013 – Germany, Munich, Backstage Club
13.11.2013 – Switzerland, Winterthur, Salzhaus
14.11.2013 – France, Belfort, La Poudriere
15.11.2013 – Germany, Essen, Zeche Carl
17.11.2013 – Germany, Berlin, Lido