Tuesday 15 October 2013

Centuries - Taedium Vitae (Album Review)

Album Type :  Full Length
Date Released : 6/8/2013
Label  : Southern Lord

TAEDIUM VITAE, album track listing
1. Incipit Tragoedia
2. Caeruleus
3. Gelu
4. Metus
5. Pessum Ire
6. Tabeo
7. Grave Cordibus
8. Servisse
9. Irrita

Review :

However you slice it, 2013 has been a good year for hardcore so far. This is the year that a lot of

young groups brought back the passion in spades, back to a purer time that lacked scene points and dumb trends. Heavily expanding its roster and paving the way for (in my opinion) the lion's share of quality HXC over the last couple of years has been Southern Lord. The latest firebrand bunch to join the ranks is Centuries, straight outta Florida and without a sunny disposition in sight. 'Taedium Vitae' is the name of the record. If I spoke Latin I might be able to translate that for you.

I don't speak Latin, but I do understand heavy energy.

And this record is 20 mins of that gnarly heavy energy. Not always light speed, but by no means sedate. ALWAYS righteous though. They have that dark, stirring ambiance that Converge brought into the limelight nailed down tight, with possible nods to the likes of The Banner, Baptists, etc. You know, that ugly kind of hardcore. The absolute best kind!

After a tasty intro number, it's angry central right away with the storming sound of 'Caeruleus'. Detonating like an atom bomb, you have about just as much chance of either escaping it or shaking it's effects loose. Fierce vocals and breakneck drums, all with some serious carnage inducing riffs. Pretty much a perfect way to kick things off proper.

'Metus' is only short (this is a hardcore album after all) but it leaves some hefty bite marks. Some really tasty rolling drum rhythms can be found within.

'Tabeo' is insanely good. It's just glorious noise throughout, falling slow and thick like treacle. It doesn't drop at all, it just descends like a fog. Like a headache in slow motion. Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

The merit badge for total rager however goes to 'Servisse'. No nonsense, head down, eyes forward and charging hardcore. A real catalyst for hearts exploding, as well as probably more that its fair share of circle pits. All the while though, this is intelligent stuff. Honest and tangible, absolutely nothing about this is meat-headed (and you know the kind of shit I'm talking about). You take it all the more seriously for it, you can relate somehow. It's completely real.

'Taedium Vitae' is a tremendous statement, and hopefully just an early chapter in the book of Centuries. It longs to be more than just heard, it wants to be felt. It has vitality running through its veins that is truly infectious. Get on that shit, right now: it's addictive.

Words by : Matt Fitton

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