Sunday 27 October 2013

Ancient Warlocks - S/T Album Review

Ancient Warlocks is a Fuzz/Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Seattle, WA, USA

The members are:

Aaron Krause: Lead Vocal, Lead Guitar
Darren Chase: Rhythm Guitar
Anthony "Oni" Timm: Bass
Steve Jones: Drums

Ancient Warlocks is a band I have been a fan of for a couple of years now. Ever since I heard their Killer Moon's (Demo) release and subsequent releases such as The Superwizard single and Mos Generator split.

Their sound is made up of Fuzz, Doom and Stoner Metal for a heavy as fuck experience. The band are about to unleash their excellent S/T debut album upon to the world. 8 tracks running for a brisk 33 minutes or so. Plenty of time for the band to make you a fan of their great music.

Ancient Warlocks have been described as one of the best kept secrets of the Seattle/Washington Stoner Metal scene and on this form it's not hard to see why. Before listening to the album I had heard about 60% of the songs here on the album. As they have previously been released or I seen them performed live on YouTube. But you know something they still sound so fresh and original that you don't really fucking care.

First track - Into The Night - starts off with a Truckfighters style fuzz based riff before exploding into a loud wall of Stoner Metal riffs with Aaron's vocals soon come screeching in. You can hear a slight Ozzy influence on Aaron's vocals and it gives the track a slight occult rock vibe. The band on blistering form here. Laying down the superb riffs that will entertain the hell out of you for the next 33 mins.

2nd track - Lion Storm - starts off with a bass heavy riff which takes the album into louder territory before Aaron starts singing another dark tale to entertain you with. The Ancient Warlocks Brotherhood provide brilliant support with excellent mid-paced riffs to crank up the atmosphere. This track has a cool 70's hard rocking vibe that old-school rockers will instantly love.

3rd track - Sweet's Too Slow - is a more faster affair with the band laying down some of the albums finest fuzz based riffs. This track is my fave track off the album. As it has a catchy chorus you can singalong/head-bang to with blazing riffs playing in the background. Wait until the last 30 seconds when the guitars are played at a 100mph. Perfect Headbanging material right there folks.

Ancient Warlocks carry on this damn fine delivery of finely tuned Fuzz based Doom/Stoner Metal riffs to prove why this band will be one of the biggest names in Stoner Rock/Metal in the years to come.

Check out other excellent tracks - Cactus Wine, Super Wizard, White Dwarf and the amazing Sorcerer's Magician which ends this album on a creepy and brilliant finish. Full of scary riffs with the band on fine demented magical form.

This album may of been a long time coming but it has definitely been worth the wait. Ancient Warlocks have a stunning collection of songs here. Sure there is only 8 of them and you may have heard them all before. But that's not the point. You haven't heard them like this. Professionally recorded and played they way they are meant to be played. Loud, Heavy and full of amazing riffs.

This album is Ancient Warlocks calling card to the realm of Stoner Metal that an important band has truly arrived. It's time for Ancient Warlocks to claim their throne as one of the genres leading lights in the years to come.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to the band for sending me a copy to review. Much appreciated guys. Ancient Warlocks S/T Debut Album will be available to buy November 2013 from Lay Bare Recordings/Burning World Records on Limited Edition Vinyl Packages from here.

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