Friday 11 October 2013

Russian Circles - Memorial - Review

Russian Circles is a Post-Rock/Post-Metal Band from Chicago and Seattle, USA
The members are: Dave Turncrantz, Mike Sullivan, Brian Cook
Russian Circles along with Pelican are one of the genres leading Instrumental Rock Bands. They have won acclaim from fans and critics alike for their dynamic blend of highly anthemic Post-Rock/Post-Metal style of riffs. They have released a string of acclaimed albums over the last 9years or so. With their last album – Empros – released in 2011 being their most critically acclaimed work to do date.
That is all going go change with their latest opus – Memorial.
Memorial is an 8-song collection of great tracks, which runs for around 38 mins or so. It features Russian Circles at their heaviest and most creative. They have created a beautiful world all told through musical emotions. The album features the perfect balance between blissful and calm Post-Rock melodies matched against the louder and heavier Post-Metal riffs we all come to expect from this great band.
First track – Memoriam – is a 90-second soothing track staring with a haunting Post-Rock score. The song sets up the mood on what to expect. It is a quiet reflective track outlining the importance of the quieter sound of Russian Circles music.
The next track – Deficit – is where the album finally comes kicking and screaming into life as it features Russian Circles at their magnetic best. Loud epic riffs matched against the brutal onslaught of tribal like drumming. This song has a real hypnotic feel to it. Russian Circles have included a more dramatic approach to their music. They add different layers of sound with each passing second before unleashing one epic final assault for you to take notice and admire. A very powerful track indeed.
Russian Circles have never been afraid to experiment with their sound on past releases and Memorial is no different. They incorporate different sounds and noises to give the album a life of its own. This is Russian Circles at their majestic best. They are masters of stirring human emotions against their music. The album cover is a true reflection on the albums passion and mood that awaits the listener.
The band is stronger and more focused than ever before. They still manage to include a few surprises on this beautifully structured album. None so more on excellent tracks 1777, Burial and Lebaron. All proving what excellent storytellers Russian Circles actually are. They have real talent for including a real sense of danger to their music especially on 1777. A song that makes you feel your life is in imminent danger. A thrilling and adventurous song to awaken your senses to.
However, the band leaves the best song on the album until last. The brilliant and emotionally driven classic – Memorial – features Chelsea Wolfe on vocals. This song is one of the finest tracks Russian Circles have written and including Chelsea Wolfe is nothing short of genius. As Chelsea’s sultry vocals gives this song a real heartbreaking edge to it. Chelsea’s voice conveys every human emotion possible. Now add Russian Circles piano-based Post-Rock persona and this is a track that will make you think of both the sad times and happy times you have experienced in your life. Very powerful indeed.
The album is superbly produced from start to finish. You can feel every emotion and riff that Russian Circles throw your way. Memorial is not only Russian Circles finest work it is quite possibly the finest instrumental rock album of 2013.
A brilliant achievement from a groundbreaking band.
Thanks to Sargent House and Rachel for sending me a copy to review. Memorial will be available to buy from Sargent House Records from October 28th 2013.
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