Sunday 27 October 2013

Beastmilk - Climax - Album Review

Beastmilk is a an Apocalyptic Post-Punk Band from Helsinki, Finland

The members are:

goatspeed - guitars
kvohst - vocals
paile - drums
arino - bass

In theory Beastmilk is a band I shouldn't really be reviewing as I am not the biggest Post-Punk fan. Something just doesn't agree with me and Post-Punk bands. I usually give them a wide berth to listen to a band that I am more suitable to. But Beastmilk are definitely exception to the rule as their debut album - Climax - impressed me in a major way.

They must have some talent as Converge Legend - Kurt Ballou - produced Climax. If it's good enough for Kurt to produce then it's good enough for me to check out. And what did I think of the album after listening to it. WOW - This is an incredible ride from start to finish.

You see Climax is more of an experience than an album. Beastmilk have conveyed so many moods and atmospherics into their debut album that it's one of the most unique and freshest debuts I have heard in 2013. Post-Punk, Heavy Rock and Dark Rock interact to provide the listener with a brutally honest view of the world.

First track - Death Reflects Us - shows that Beastmilk don't fuck around with the dark moods. The track sets up a dark and dangerous apocalyptic mood with blazing heavy rocking guitars with the delicious dark vocals of Kvohst on full throttle through out.

Imagine Joy Division going that little bit darker and you should end up with Beastmilk. But there is so much more to their sound than that. As they have a truly original presence of their own that feels like an out-of-control madman stalking their intended victims throufh a derelict building from a scene from a classic horror movie. Beastmilk are masters of setting up the tension before ripping it apart with delicious fast paced riffs.

Check out tracks - Genocidal Crush, You Are Now Under Our Control, Surf The Apocalypse and Strange Attractors. These tracks prove that Beastmilk have a very bright future indeed despite the dark imagery they conjure up.

Though the track that makes the album something special indeed is - Ghosts Out Of Focus. A storming 5 minute track that shows Beastmilk creative talents in full force. Jagged and dangerous guitars playing in the background with Kvohst once again on fine demented form. But this track has a beautiful haunting vibe to it. It's quite an uplifting song especially when the excellent slower based emotional chorus kicks in. It's a track that has the power to lift anyone out of a dark mood. It's quite uplifting in places and that's what make Ghosts Out Of Focus such a powerful emotionally charged track.

Obviously production is near perfect with Kurt Ballou behind the desk. He has managed to convey the intensity of Beastmilk's music and make it sound something special indeed. The album has a very dangerous presence indeed and I contribute that to both Beastmilk and Kurt Ballou considerable talents.

Climax is a revelation. It impressed the hell out of me and this isn't really my sort of thing but I never wanted the album to end. I was rather sad when the 38 minutes were up. Though the album becomes a much more rewarding experience with each listen. So take your time with this album as you may miss certain vibes and tones on your first listen.

All in all Climax is quite possibly the finest debut album I have heard in 2013. It's a wonderful album that I recommend you all check out.

Brilliant and Highly Recommneded.

Thanks to Nathan and Svart Records for sending us a promo to check out. Climax will be out available to buy on November 29th 2013 from Svart Records.

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