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Cannabis Corpse - Reissues (Album Reviews)

Album Type : 3 Reissues
Date Released : 27/9/2013
Label : Season of Mist
Album track listings :
Blunted at Birth :
1. Blunted At Birth
2. Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red
3. Reefer Stashed Place
4. Force Fed Shitty Grass
5. I Cum Bud
6. I Will Smoke You
7. When Weed Replaces Life
Tube of the Resinated :
1. Chronolith
2. Mummified In Bong Water
3. Disposal Of The Baggy
4. Every Bud Smoken
5. Sentenced To Burn One
6. Addicted To Hash In A Tin
7. Fucked With Northern Lights
8. Experiment In Horticulture
9. Gallery Of Stupid High
The Weeding :
1. Shit of Pot Seeds
2. Vaporized
3. Skull Full of Bong Hits
4. Sickening Photosynthesis
Bio :
CANNABIS CORPSE was formed by MUNICIPAL WASTE bassist and vocalist Phil "LandPhil" Hall and Josh "Hallhammer" Hall (drums) in 2006 in Richmond, Virginia (USA). The brothers were united by their mutual love of brutal Floridian Death Metal (CANNIBAL CORPSE, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, OBITUARY) and weed. Their first recording "Blunted at Birth" (2006) clearly reflects those passions as all song titles are obvious parodies of Death Metal classics involving the eponymous cannabis plant. Yet although there is an obvious fun part to their appearance and lyrics, CANNABIS CORPSE deliver when it comes to their music. Here is all a Death Metal fan might desire: relentless, jackhammer beats, down tuned guitars and sick, guttural vocals. It comes as no surprise that adherents and critics immediately picked this band up, which led to extensive touring. Now Season of Mist is proud to release their complete back catalogue as a prelude to their eagerly awaited fourth full-length slated for a release in 2014. Get lit to the sound of CANNABIS CORPSE
Recording line-up, Blunted at Birth :
Andy "Weedgrinder" Horn | vocals
Phil "Landphil" Hall: guitars | bass
Josh "HallHammer" Hall | drums
Recording line-up, Tube of the Resinated :
Andy "Weedgrinder" Horn | vocals
Phil "Landphil" Hall | guitars, bass
Nick "Nikropolis" Poulos | guitars
Josh "HallHammer" Hall | drums
Recording line-up, The Weeding :
Andy "Weedgrinder" Horn | vocals
Phil "Landphil" Hall | guitars, bass
Nick "Nikropolis" Poulos | guitars
Josh "HallHammer" Hall | drums
Review :
Marijuana.  Ganja.  Bud.  Green.  Grass.  Weed.  Hemp.  Cannabis.  Whatever your chosen word
for the sweet leaf, it has been used since time immemorial for anything from making fabrics and ropes to being smoked in hilarious amounts.  A rose by any other name… Anyway, weed has been firing the sensory imaginations of countless musicians, actors, and other public figures since the dawn of showbiz, and never has the love of green been captured in a more brutal way than by Cannabis Corpse, the world’s heaviest death metal band that worships both the notorious plant and the legendary Cannibal Corpse.  Formed by LandPhil and HallHammer of Municipal Waste in 2006, little did they know how popular their side project would become.  In fact, their brand new full-length is due for release in 2014, and so Season of Mist (their record label) have decided to be nice guys and have released Cannabis Corpse’s complete back catalogue, so people can get a whiff of what the fuss is about. 
Let’s be blunt (somewhat of a pun intended): these albums are titled so funnily I could hardly take them seriously.  I mean, ‘Blunted at Birth’?  ‘Tube of the Resinated’?  Come on, guys.  And some of the song titles?  ‘Mummified in Bongwater’?  ‘I Cum Bud’?  If I were a smoking man, I would be laughing my arse off at the entire premise. 
Then I listened to the songs themselves.  I wasn’t laughing anymore. 
In fact, I was touching at my forehead, checking that my eyebrows hadn’t been blown away.  For all the funny asides and death metal in-jokes, the music itself is heavy, grinding, pulse-pounding and just crushing.  The love for the Floridian death metal scene shines through with every note played, and at its best can stand shoulder to shoulder with any of the classic anthems of death you know and adore.  Particular highlights from the back catalogue include the track ‘Blunted at Birth’, which just huffs out a billow of smoke in your face, then punches you; then there’s ‘Fucked with Northern Lights’ from ‘Tube of the Resinated’, which is just a frenzied masterpiece of grind awesomeness. 

The entire back catalogue newly available to you now is actually a diamond in the rough grass (maybe a pun here too).  The three full-lengths: ‘Blunted at Birth’, ‘Tube of the Resinated’ and ‘Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise’ – along with the four-track EP ‘The Weeding’ – contain some truly frightening and just blistering death metal anthems, filled to the brim with menacingly guttural vocals, blasting beats and sawing, downtuned riffery.  Cannabis Corpse is a Trojan horse: a gift of comedic metal that reveals itself to actually be a death-riddled monster of inhumane proportions. 

Their latest album is coming out in 2014.  I can’t wait.  To help ease the strain, sit back, light up and relax with a few choice hits from Cannabis Corpse’s bong of back catalogue brutality.  Trust me; it’ll make your death metal world a groovier place. 
Words by : Chris Markwell
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