Saturday 19 October 2013

Manthra Dei - S/T Album Review

Manthra Dei cover art

Manthra Dei is a Psych Stoner Rock Band from Italy

The members are:

Paolo T. - k
Paolo V. - g
Brano - b
Michele - d/v

Manthra Dei has recently signed to excellent Italian Psych/Stoner Rock Label – Acid Cosmonaut Records.

Manthra Dei play a blend of Psych Rock mixed with Stoner Rock and Space Rock. Their sound is unique. It has a jam-based feel to it. If you are a fan of Earthless then you are going to crazy over their excellent debut S/T album. As it features 56 minutes of finely tuned cosmic riffage to take your mind, body and soul into outer space.

I am not going to do a song-by-song review, as this album has to be experienced as one crazy sonic experience that will take you on the edge of outer space. The Psych vibe is one of the albums strong points fusing the elements of free-form progressive rock, space rock and stoner rock to great effect. Things do get very heavy at times, so it is cool that Manthra Dei knows how to crank the volume up when the time calls for it.

Though the band could have cut one song, – Urjammer – as it’s an organ based piece. It does not really go anywhere and sort of brings the album to a shuddering stop. However, things get back to normal business with the epic and excellent 17-minute epic- Blue Phantom. Ok I lied. I did a minor song-by-song review. However, Manthra Dei has created a wonderful sounding album here. It will appeal to all fans of Stoner, Space Rock. Prog Rock and Psych rock. All wrapped up in one lovingly psyched out, spaced out cosmic riff laiden package.

Manthra Dei are amazing musicians and they prove it time and time again on this great release. The album is beautifully produced as you have a real sense of wonder when listening to the album. You do not know if you are floating in space or moving into the next dimension. The epic soundscapes will speak volumes to you no matter what side of the galaxy you are on.

An essential album to have in your record collection. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Acid Cosmonaut Records for sending me a promo to review. The album will be available to buy on 20th October 2013 from Acid Cosmonaut Record BandCamp Page.

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