Saturday 19 October 2013

The Rising Sun Experience - Beyond The Oblivious Abyss - Review

The Rising Sun Experience is a Stoner Rock Band from Portugal

The members are:

Nelson Dias - vocal, acoustic guitar
Tiago Jónatas – 5 string electric bass, electronics
Nuno Cardinho – electric guitar
Nuno Silva - drums
António Lopes Gonçalves – organ, electronics
Daniel Surrador - percussion

The Rising Sun Experience play an insane spacey blend of Psych/Stoner Rock for all you Psych Rock fans out there. Their new album – Beyond the Oblivious Abyss – evokes memories of Jimi Hendrix and Hawkwind at their psychedelic best with a huge slab of Stoner Rock.

The album is only for 30 minutes or so but it packs an almighty punch. It has quite a few epic riffs to slay you with as well. You can tell by the album cover your in for some space-rock goodness. First track – Countries Off… is a 7:40 minute epic packed with spacey riffs and out of this world vocals to match. Just embrace these cosmic space rockers as one of your own. As your going to be in for a wild time indeed.

2nd track – The Integrity – continues on this cosmic journey though which starts off rather slowly with some excellent noises and vibes starting to add more atmospherics to the song before it explodes in an all out Stoner Rock epic with a great sing-along chorus. Some epic solos waiting to be discovered here folks!!! – Though it leans towards 70’s Prog Rock Territory near the end. So it may take a few listens to actually get the overall vibe of the track. But it is a great track to keep coming back to.

Though the albums centrepiece is brilliantly and wildly imaginative 5-Part Epic – Wasted Dreams of Red Flowers. A 5-song epic, which lasts for mind-expanding 16 minutes. This is where the wild ideas the band laid down earlier start coming to life and pay off in a big way. It is superb mixture of prog-rock, psych and stoner rock in one unbelievable out-of-this world package. This track is worth the purchase of the album alone. WOW!!!

The Rising Sun Experience have delivered an excellent album for everyone to check out. If you want something different in the realm of Psych/Stoner Rock then you cannot go wrong here. Beyond The Oblivious Abyss is an excellent album I cannot recommend highly enough.

Check it out now!!!

Thanks to Pedro for sending me a promo to review. You can Beyond the Oblivious from BandCamp now.

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