Thursday 31 October 2013

Bitesize Album Reviews

Deteriorate cover art

Grime - Deteriorate

At first listen, Grime seem like a bunch of seasoned veterans, having been fortunate enough to perfect their craft for years on end. The Italian act’s first full-length, Deteriorate, combines the best elements of sludge and doom metal, but makes the sound their own. Admittedly, each track begins fairly similarly, but once you’re deep into the real meat of the music, you’ve got a weird Sabbath-meets-the-gates-of-hell aesthetic that you just want to play over and over. This probably sounds intriguing—and it is—so get this crushing collection of music in your hands as soon as possible.

Lords of Bukkake – Desagravio

Like Grime, Lords of Bukake trudge at an incredibly slow pace, stringing together line after line of sluggish chord progressions. At the core, the music is relatively simple, but with a twist: the vocals were recorded through a wavy-sounding filter making you, for lack of a better word, feel totally psychedelic. It’s pretty far out there, man. And it’s worth a listen. Play “Boca Acida" once, and you'll know what the fuss is about.
Words by : Adam @TheMetalAdvisor

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