Friday 4 October 2013

GONGA - Concrescence - Album Review


Gonga is an Instrumental Stoner Metal Band from UK

The members are:

T.Elgie - The Drummer
G.Elgie - Guitarist
Latch - Bassist

Gonga have been a regular player within the UK Stoner Metal world since 1998. They have released 2 acclaimed albums since their formation. Gonga is mainly the passion of brothers George Elgie (Guitarist) and Thomas Elgie (Drums) since vocalist Joe Volk left since their 2008 album – Transmigration.

I was a little bit concerned that Gonga decided to carry on as an instrumental band as I am a huge fan of their earlier work. Gonga have since recruited Latch Manghat on bass duties since then and now the band are back with their 3rd album – Concrescence.

I shouldn’t have worried as Gonga have delivered their finest work to date. Who needs vocals when the riffs are good as this? I loved Joe’s work with the band but Gonga have written their best album with Concrescence. This is a 46-minute blast of high-octane riffs with a great psych edge over the course of 6 expertly written tracks to show you what Gonga are made of.

First track – Miasma – is a 10:17 minute epic to show you the new and improved GONGA who are raring to go from the very first riff. Gonga have packed in a lot of great ideas into this track as it’s played at a fast and furious pace. There is no stopping the band when they are on this great form. Gonga lay down too many great riffs to mention but believe me you will be head banging in no time at all. A great start to the album. If you like what you hear now then you isn’t heard nothing yet…

Second Track – Calumet Altar – is another excellent psych based Stoner Metal affair with the band playing more epic riffs for you to embrace with open arms. Gonga are bringing something fresh to the Instrumental Rock scene. Their music has a more dangerous edge compared to other instrumental rock bands. You can feel the sense of danger coming from the riffs the band are laying down here.

Third Track – Another Day Gone – sees the band played at a slower pace before speeding things up as the song progresses. Though Gonga do include some intense drumming here to match the faster paced riffs when they start to appear. Bassist Latch is in his element here. He is starts to lay down some great bass heavy riffs to make his presence feel known to both the band and viewers. Another great track to prove Gonga are back with a vengeance.

Fourth Track – Mount Gonga – is justly named after the gigantic riffs they lay down once again to prove they have real staying power within the UK Stoner metal world. It’s another wonderful fast-paced affair that plays like a soundtrack to a Hollywood Blockbuster as it has many thrills and spills to keep you on the edge of your seat. The 7:49 minutes just flies by as the band don’t waste a single second in playing their heavy powerful riffs to the world.

Though it’s the final two tracks where Gonga leave the finest riffs till last. Tungsten Gold and Solar Maximum is where the band lay claim to the UK’s finest Instrumental Stoner Metal band as they have included some fine jaw-dropping moments here especially on the 9:09 epic final track – Solar Maximum. Solar Maximum is the perfect blend of hazy psych based Stoner Metal riffs. It starts off quietly before exploding into a loud wall of noise.

I have to say Gonga have outdone themselves here. I was expecting a good album but I wasn’t expecting an album as great as this. Gonga definitely made the right decision in not including a vocalist though Gonga could easily include one for their next album. Though this moment in time Gonga are the finest instrumental stoner metal band the UK has to offer at the moment.

Concrescence is a brilliant album form start to finish. I can’t rate it highly enough. It becomes a better album with every listen. An incredible album. Gonga welcome back. You have been missed. Please don’t leave it so long next time…

Concrescence will be available to buy from October 7th 2013 via Gonga’s BandCamp Page on DD/CD/Vinyl.

Thanks to the band for sending me a copy to review.

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