Wednesday 9 October 2013

Choice Cuts : Egypt - (S/T) EP

Egypt - Egypt

Egypts’s line – up for this recording was

Aaron Esterby | Vocals/bass
Chad Helle |Drums
Ryan Grahn | Guitar

Review :

Egypt is a band hailing from Fargo, North Dakota, and these guys have written some of my all-time favourite songs. I recall a buzz about their self-titled record/demo on forums around 2007 I think it was, and eventually I found a download link on the web. This 4-track masterpiece was initially a demo-recording set to score the band live-gigs outside of their hometown. Recorded in a tiny concrete shack by drummer Chad Helle, Egypt gave their first four songs ever written a vibe which in my world only can be described as magic. The bass was recorded on a SVT Pro II plugged straight into the board, and for guitar a 50w Marshall-head, into a 4x12 and a 4x15.

The demo was picked up by, who shipped it out as freebies through their All That Is Heavy-store, and eventually it was picked up by Norwegian North Dakota-student Andreas Jensen, who decided he would release it as a limited vinyl on his label, Lyderhorn Records, after seeing the band live countless times.

Well, back to the songs. I remember the first time I put the record on; I was at my parent’s house in the countryside. “Valley of the Kings” tingled my ears from the very first note.  The phaser-ridden bass, great guitar sound and the gentle groove. Aaron’s vocals are incredible on this record, and “Erect a monument to me, for I alone am your king” is such a strong start, and that sentence sticks to your head. But it was in the up-tempo part towards the end of the song, it happened.  When the tempo drops, and the chugged-like, muted guitar part kicks in at 5:55 I knew I loved this band. That riff is so simple, but unbelievably cool. And the best was yet to come.

The second track, “Queen of all Time (Red Giant) is one of the best songs I’ve heard to date. I don’t know how many times I have spinned it on my stereo. Everything on this song is perfect. It eventually ended up with me writing a song for our “Year of the Burial”-album, called “Egypt”, just to pay homage to this fantastic piece of music. Our “Egypt” spins around almost the same chord-progression, so hopefully people recognize our nod to the Fargo-lads.

The next two tracks on Egypt S/T, “Dirty Witch” and “Touch Ground” are also killer songs, with long and jammy parts, filled with feel good riffs. Nevertheless it’s the first two songs that did it for me. I simply love them!

Words and recommendation by : Ole Christian Helstad (Tombstones)

Album details:

Demo was recorded 2004, released on limited LP by Lyderhorn Records 2008, released on CD by Meteor City 2009. Remastered by James Plotkin.

Egypt, album track listing :

1). Valley of the Kings 7.33
2). Queen of all time (Red Giant) 9.22
3). Dirty Witch 7.17
4). Touch Ground 7.30

If you haven’t heard this band or this record, go check em’ out.  Thanks to Ole from the band Tombstones for his recommendation and we’ll be back next time with yet more, Choice Cuts recommendations !!  So until then, stay metal and Doom On!!

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