Monday 7 October 2013

Hungry Brains - The Mule EP - Review

Hungry Brains are a Progressive Stoner Metal Band from the UK.

I am going to let their own superb bio do all the talking.

"Our influences are varied, encompassing all sorts from Alice In Chains to Baroness to Candlemass to Porcupine Tree!
We have worked tirelessly writing, recording and producing our new release. The Mule is a self-financed product which we feel demonstrates our passion for dynamics, quality sound and big riffage!
The Mule was recorded at Suffolk's 'Monkey Puzzle Studios' (Porcupine Tree, Cradle Of Filth) and engineered by the extremely talented Rupert Matthews. It was mastered by Tony Lindgren of 'Fascination Street Studios' in Sweden (Paradise Lost, Kreator, Enslaved, Opeth, Devin Townsend).
The Mule is to be self-released in September 2013.
Our first EP entitled 'Centre Of The Omniverse' was self-released in 2012. This EP can be downloaded for free from our bandcamp page;

I have been a fan of Hungry Brains for a while now. Well since their superb debut EP - Centre Of The Omniverse but their newest EP - The Mule is something fucking else.

Loud epic heavy progressive Stoner Metal riffs to fuck you up. It's an 11 minute monster which I couldn't get enough of. Blazing riffs coming at you from all directions with Hungry Brains on top form. Imagine Alice In Chains jamming out with Mastodon and that is what you get with The Mule. It's a shame this is only one song as I wanted to hear more.

But the good news folks is that Hungry Brains are heading into the right direction for greater fame and fortune. As these guys have some serious talent at their disposal.

Roll on the full length record as Hungry Brains are primed to take over the Stoner Metal world.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to the band for sending me a copy to review. The Mule will be available to buy Oct 2013 on BandCamp.

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