Sunday 27 October 2013

DER_WARRIOR - ehrenfeld³ - Album Review

ehrenfeld³ cover art

DER_WARRIOR is an Instrumental Doom Metal Band from Ehrenfeld, Germany

The members are:


DER_WARRIOR is another brilliant band coming from Germany. I am a very big fan of the German Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal scene as I have discovered many great bands from there recently - Wall, Nightslug, Union Of Sleep, The Moth, Wolves Carry My Name and Alpeh Null.

DER_WARRIOR play slow and heavy instrumental Doom Metal music to give their music a dangerous and very hard edge. Their debut album - ehrenfeld³ - is a powerful album indeed. 35 minutes of slow driven Doom Metal riffs that packs quite a punch. There are only 3 tracks here each running past the 10 minute mark. If you're expecting fast paced riffs you will need to look elsewhere as the band take their time creating a dark and violent atmosphere that only Doom Metal con provide.

I have had this album for a long time now and I apologise to the band for not reviewing this sooner. As they have created a dark and brooding experience they should rightly be proud of. Imagine Sunn O)))  jamming with Electric Wizard and that is what to expect from this excellent band. Long drawn out drone based Doom Metal riffs with enough power to destroy everything in it's wake.

First track - Field Of Honour - is a heavy and powerful track played could test the patience of long-time Doom Metal fans. As DER_WARRIOR never speed things up and it's the more better for it. They have time to build up the atmosphere before unleashing long heavy epic riffs that will last long in the memory.

The other two excellent tracks - Helios and iii - carry on this sonic form of attack. Slow, epic and thunderous riffs delivered with expert timing. DER_WARRIOR are a very powerful unit indeed. They play off each other like their lives depended on it. Crunching guitar riffs combine with some expert drumming. The drumming is one of may favourite aspects of the album. Subtle, understated and sometimes hidden from view. But when called upon they are unleashed like a world class assassin taking out their intended target. Deadly but accurate!!!.

ehrenfeld³ is an excellent album full of great vibes and riffs to explore.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to DER_WARRIOR for sending me a copy to review. You can buy ehrenfeld³ on DD/Vinyl from BandCamp now.

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