Friday 11 October 2013



PLUG is a heavy, noisy, sci-fi-chedelic metal band from San Antonio, TX, USA

The band includes Tyler Lutz (Lie and Wait, FEED), Zach Brin (Lie and Wait, FEED, Bitter End), Reed DeAngelis (Iron Age, Bitter End, The Mites), Scott Corbin (On My Side), and Raul Vela IV (FEED, The Mites, Gleeson).

Bass on the record was played by Chris Ulsh of Mammoth Grinder, Power Trip, Hatred Surge, and The Impalers.

We love The Melvins, Motorhead, The Wipers, Discharge, ZZ Top, Unsane, Black Sabbath, Helmet, Torche, Cactus, Pantera, etc - and we hope it reminds you of awesome shit you like.

Well the above press bio was from the band themselves. It tells you the talent behind this great band and what to expect as well but it only tells half the story. As PLUG's debut album - Back On The Skull is a raging beast of Sludge/Doom/Space-Rock/Hardcore/Punk/Stoner Metal pummelling riffs.

It's fast and furious from the word go. Plus it's fucking insane. PLUG don't stick to one genre, they mix them all together and come up with something crazy. But you can't deny how damn catchy it is. Full of awesome riffs. These guys maybe a bit schizophrenic but at least they know how to have a great fucking time in the process.

Check out excellent tracks - Babysmile, Back On The Skull, Pigbomb, Cadence and the superb 9 minute epic - Sphere 3 which includes some awesome prog Stoner/Sludge Metal riffs. Sphere 9 is worth it for the album download alone.

You know what I am going to say. Headover to BandCamp and download this now on Buy Now Download. This album will have you rocking out in no time at all. It's a fucking superb album. So get downloading now!!!!

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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