Saturday 19 October 2013

Koloss - Empower The Monster - Album Review

Empower the Monster cover art

Koloss is a Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Sweden

The members are:

Oscar Siggeström - Drums
Alexander Johansson - Guitar
Henrik Hedberg - Bass
Cristoffer Pinaitis Karlsson - Guitar, Vocals

Koloss is a band dealing in heavy epic slabs of Sludge/Post-Metal to pulverize your soul to. Koloss first made an impression on the Sludge/Post-Metal world back in 2011 when they released their brilliant debut album to acclaim from the Sludge/Post-Metal community.

 I featured them twice back in 2011 when I first started the blog as their heavy riffs made me an instant fan. Well almost 3 years later and the band are back with their blistering follow-up – Empower The Monster. A 44-minute opus comprising of four epic tracks that will leave you battered and bruised.

Has much change in the almost 3 years from their debut album - End Of The Chayot. Heck yeah. Koloss are louder and heavier than ever. First track – From The Sea (The Birth Of A Monster) will show you what Koloss is all about or what they have transformed into since their debut album. A far heavier and progressive unit built to play as many as destructive riffs as possible. Koloss demolish everything in their wake here by blending huge Sludge Metal riffs with Ambient Noises and Sounds. Vocalist Cristoffer is on fine form here. Screaming like an out of control madman.

The album moves into heavier and more sombre territory with the 2nd track – Cleanse. Aptly named as it cleans up the devastation and destruction the first track left. However, Cleanse has heavy powerful tricks of its own. It may be played at a mid-tempo pace to begin with but give it time, as it will soon explode into life. This track builds up to a real sense of danger through the superb riffs on show. When it does appear, you had better hold on as Koloss do not hold back. Violent post-metal carnage comes at you from all directions. Another brilliant track from the album.

Two epic tracks down and two more to go. And Koloss do not disappoint as they go heavier than ever before. If you miss the good old days of Isis and Neurosis then this album is going to speak volumes to you. As Koloss lay down some truly awe-inspiring riffs on the next tracks.

Beyond The Horizon is another outstanding track from the band. They throw more pummelling Sludge/Post-Metal riffs to the listener to devour. The Post-Rock ambient soundscapes blend well into the heavier more violent Sludge Metal riffs. A real battle of the senses going on through your speaker system. Koloss have created a stormy and violent atmosphere here with brutal vocals to match. One of the albums standout tracks.

So what do Koloss have in store for us on their last epic trek. Well it is probably the albums finest track – Building Arks. Another 10-minute plus epic blending Sludge/Post-Metal riffs with ambient noises for a thrilling adventure. Koloss pull out all the stops here to end the album on a high. This track shows you what Koloss is all about. Loud destructive riffs matched against the beautiful calmer ambient Post-Rock vibes before unleashing their brutal blend of Post-Metal for one final epic attack on the senses. And its mission accomplished as Koloss will leave you truly shaken to the core.

Koloss have delivered a brilliant album to comeback with. It leaves their debut album well and truly in the dust. Everything about it is better. Production, Song-writing, Vocals and Riffs. You get the idea. Koloss have delivered one of 2013’s finest Sludge/Post-Metal albums. I am very excited to see where they go from here as in the next few years as they have potential to be a very important band within the Sludge/Post-Metal scene.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to the band for sending me a promo to review. Empower The Monster is out to buy on DD on BandCamp. Physical Releases will hopefully come later. I will keep you informed.

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