Friday 4 October 2013

Earthless - From The Ages - Review

From The Ages

Tee Pee Records
8 October 2013

The band:

Isaiah Mitchell - guitars
Mike Eginton - bass guitar
Mario Rubalcaba - drums

The songs:

1. Violence Under The Red Sea 14:45
2. Uluru Rock 14:08
3. Equus October 5:42
4. From The Ages 30:55

Damn! Holy shit and Jesus Christ on a cracker! Earthless first album in 6 long years, From The Ages, is a rampaging bulldozer and there's no stopping them. Instrumental power blues of the highest order is what's oozing out of my speakers and I am going absolutely bonkers listening to it. Whether they are jamming out some slow tunes or ripping it up with the pedal to metal, they don't beat around the bush. With no worries in the world they simply plug in, turn it up and crank the hell out of everything and it couldn't be any better!

You can hear different influences in their songs, mainly krautrock and garage-psych, but they are blues first and foremost. Heavy power blues that wanders off on psychedelic trips here and there but they never really veers from it's main foundation. Guitarist Isaiah Mithcell is a guitar god in the making and considering that Earthless has been around since 2001, it amazes me that he, Mike and Mario hasn't received wider recognition. Indiviually they are masters at their instruments and they also know how to fuse all their ideas and talent together and make incredible music. That is a very rare trait and should be aluded much more than it is.

Clocking at just under 65 minutes but containing only 4 four songs that might deter some people from listening. If it does shame on them because time flies every time I listen to From The Ages. And each time brings new angles to the tracks. What I like the most about the album though is that it brings such a diversity of listeners together. Die hard blues afficinados rub shoulders with stoners, doomsters, dead heads, hippies and rockers, you name it and all walks of music flocks around this wax. And that's how it should be with music period. That's not the case however and we all fall into that trap at various degrees I believe but that's where Earthless really enters the picture. They bring us all together and unifies where there is alienation.

And huge props for ending with an almost 31 minute long song. The title track From The Ages comes at me 200mph right from the bat and I am again floored by the magic Earthless create. I just sit back, close my eyes and absorb everything they throw at me. All three members are amazing but I can't stop marvelling at Isaiah's guitar playing. He switches back and forth between elegant rhythm playing to jaw-dropping solos with the flick of a switch, never skipping a beat and neither does Mike and Mario. I'm blown away people...this is so good!

Regardless your musical preferences Earthless is an omnipresence. Like I have already mentioned above their music cover so many bases that anyone can listen to them and should. After all, great music no matter the genre should be heard by everyone. So do yourself a huge favour, grab a copy of From The Ages when it is released. Not only will you see what I mean, you will also get your hands on one of the best releases of 2013.

Håkan Nyman

Thanks to Carl at Action PR and Tee Pee Recors for sending ourselves this promo to review. It really is an incredible album. We can't recommend it highly enough.

You can buy the album on CD/DD/Vinyl via Tee Pee Records from all good stockists from Oct 8th 2013.

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