Saturday 19 October 2013

The Basement Paintings - S/T Album Review

Self-Titled cover art

The Basement Paintings is a Progressive Post-Rock/Post-Metal Band from Saskatoon, SK, Canada

The members are:

Justin Thompson, Paul Hillacre, Evan Knouse, Calen Miller

The Basement Paintings deal in the same sort of music as Pelican, Russian Circles and Red Sparowes. They released their S/T debut album earlier this year. It’s not the most original of sounds but to the bands credit they do add a progressive rock edge to their music.

It’s a fantastic sounding album full of different noises and sounds that will keep most Post-Rock/Post-Metal fans happy. They have written some great epic songs to check out such as – Adult Male Beluga Whale, Forest, Robot Stomp and the excellent Desert Surfer, which take up nearly all of the albums 54 minute running time.

The album is all-instrumental so if you are a fan of the bands above you will find much to enjoy here as I did. The Basement Paintings do have a true talent in building up the atmospherics with strange wonderful noises before the Post Metal riff finally takes over and takes the album to great heights of loudness.

The band does add a science based vibe to their album especially on superb track – The Carl Sagan Abduction. A cool tongue in cheek track that is full of great riffs to rock out to.

I am not going to do a long review here folks. This album is what it is. A stunning collection of Post-Rock/Post-Metal Tracks. It may not be the most original sound in the world but you cannot deny how powerful and breathtaking the album can be at times. If you are a fan of Post-Rock/Post Metal music in general then you cannot go wrong here. It is an excellent album for you to check out.

The album is expertly played and produced by all. I hope for their next album the band expand their horizons that little bit more as they do have the potential to release something very special indeed. Until then give The Basement Paintings a chance as you will be pleasantly surprised.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Calen for sending me a copy to review. The Basement Painting is now available to buy from BandCamp.

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