Monday 7 October 2013

Sons Of Huns - Banishment Ritual - Album Review

Sons Of Huns is a Stoner Rock band from Portland, Oregon, USA

The members are

Shoki Tanabe: bass/vox
Pete Hughes: guitar/vox
Ryan Northrop: drums
Aaron Powell: touring bassist

Sons Of Huns is a band influenced by their love of Sci-fi Movies and good old-fashioned Stoner Rock with a healthy dose of Pysch Rock and Blues Rock thrown in just for the heck of it.

Sons Of Huns have been blazing a trail of destructive riffs everywhere they have played. It has seen the band supporting some big names as Red Fang and Davana. They have managed to gain quite a considerable fan base since their inception 2 years ago.

Well these cosmic space rockers are going to unleash their hotly tipped debut album – Banishment Ritual. And I am happy to report that Banishment Ritual is a great ride from start to finish. If you are a fan of Star Wars, Clutch, Red Fang and The Sword then you are going to love this album. As Sons Of Huns take influences from those great bands and legendary movies to provide the perfect soundtrack to all of your favourite Sci-fi moments.

First track – Banishment Ritual – is a sneak peak on what to expect. Sci-fi inspired riffs and vocals combine for a high-rocking adventure set in outer space. It is cool to see a band being wholly original with their music, as Sons Of Huns have included many great ideas in their music.

Especially amongst the song titles – Planet No. 9, I’m Your Dad, Rollin’ The Dice and Super Kanpai Rainbow.

Sons Of Huns definitely deserve top marks for creativity and imagination as the album is full of them. You could play a game trying to spot the multiple film TV/Sci-fi cameos the band have included. Though you’re probably having too much fun listening to the awesome riffs the band have written. Banishment Ritual is good old-fashioned Stoner Rock with heavy superb  vibes of 70s Hard Rock and Psych Rock into their music.

My only criticism is reserved for the track called Waking Sleep as it feels out of place here. It's a slow burning Blues Rock track that hardly goes anywhere, well compared to the previous excellent tracks. It changes the albums mood from a fun-loving, galaxy-conquering, riff-slaying Stoner Rock fest into a depressed blues rock vibe. Which this ablum certainly isn't. Don’t get me wrong it’s a superbly played track by the band. I just don’t think it belongs on an album like this.

Though the album soon returns to normal business of rocking out as Planet No. 9 has more finely tuned cosmic spaced out riffs to rock out to. You can tell the band had a fun time making this album as it shows in their music. This album will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It’s full of too many great riffs to mention. Apart from Waking Sleep, this is an excellent album that I have no hesitation in recommending.

Banishment Ritual will definitely win a load of praise from the Stoner Rock crowd when it’s unleashed upon to the galaxy. This is one album you cannot afford to miss.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Banishment Ritual is available to buy via Easy Rider Records on DD/Vinyl here. Thanks to Cat from Southern Cross PR for sending me a copy to review.

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