Thursday 24 October 2013

Sandrider - GodHead - Album Review

Godhead cover art

Sandrider is a Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Seattle, WA, USA

The members are:

Jon Weisnewski: Guitar/Vocals
Nat Damm: Drums
Jesse Roberts: Bass/Vocals

Sandrider are back with their stunning new album – GodHead. If you are looking an album full of riffs that will have you hooked from the word go. Then this is the place to be. It carries on the brutal punk force of their acclaimed S/T debut album released back in 2011. Though this time Sandrider are heavier than ever before.

The band has recorded a stirring collection of Sludge/Stoner Metal tracks that will have you singing from the rooftops as the songs have a brilliant sing-along factor. All joined together with some blazing riffs to get you through a very long day. Sandrider have wisely re-teamed up with Matt Bayles (Isis, Mastodon) to record their new album.

First track – Ruiner – shows that Sandrider have lost none of their anger and passion that made their debut album such a brilliant listen to I the first place. Fast-paced riffs with jagged edged vocals give this track a punk based edge before the Stoner Metal riffs come storming in. This is a great track to open the album with. It shows how powerful this hard-rocking trio actually are. Sandrider know when to lay down the heavy riffs to get your heart pounding.

Up next is Castle. A 4:18 minute track starting like a furious battle cry before exploding into all out war. Sandrider have warring guitars and drums played at a frantic pace. The vocals are screamed at you. If loud, angry and sublime riffs are your thing then business is good. Sandrider have always had a huge likeability factor within their music and it is good to see it is still showing on the album. But the band still knows how to unleash their anger if needed.

Sandrider continue playing their blend of fast-paced Stoner Metal riffs though played with a more Punk/Noise Rock distorted vibe. Especially on songs – Tides and Gorgon –, which show the band playing, like an out of control tornado devouring everything in its path. It is good that the music is so catchy as you will be rocking out with the band in no time at all.

Up next is GodHead – The albums standout track. A seven-minute epic that shows Sandrider at their creative best. Loud and angry almost violent tones matched against the more hopeful, upbeat Sandrider. Sandrider go to some pretty dark places on this track but they match it with some vibrant vocals and riffs that are crying out for you to sing-along which is what you will be doing after a few listens. This is Sandrider at their most creative. I dare you not to let yourself go on this song, as it is an emotionally charged track. WOW!!!

GodHead carries on this style of Punk/Noise Rock based Stoner Metal riffs right through the very end. Sandrider have written more great tracks for you to get stuck into. Overwatch, Champions and Beast all deserving to be played as loud as you possibly can. As they are very powerful tracks indeed made for one thing. Riffs!!! – Embrace the Sandrider way of life. Just enjoy the stunning collection of tracks that GodHead is made up of.

I did not think that Sandrider would be able to release something better than their debut album. But they have with GodHead. It’s a very different animal compared to their debut but it still encompasses that old Sandrider magic. Blazing riffs matched against pitch-perfect vocals to give GodHead a life of its own.

What more can I say!!! – I loved the album. It will hopefully propel Sandrider onto the bigger stage. They deserve it. GodHead is a success on every level. Watch this album tear up the Stoner Metal world when it is released in November 2013.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Good To Die Records for sending us a promo to review. GodHead will be available to buy from Good To Die Records on DD/Vinyl from November 19th 2013.

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