Monday 7 October 2013

Rebuild/Repair - Band To Check Out

Arson Awareness Day cover art

Rebuild/Repair is a Post-stoner skate-sludge metal band from Edmonton, Canada

The members are:

Randall Graves-Vocals, Guitar
Khaavren Castlerock-Bass
Kelly Doiron-Drums

Here is fucking brilliant band for all you pissed off Doom/Sludge Metallers. Rebuild/Repair might have a lot of great influences going on. Here is their bio to tell you more:

"Rebuild/Repair is Edmonton’s first and only “post-stoner skate-sludge” band. Expect to be taken on a journey as songs descend seamlessly from break-neck skate-punk into thick, sludgy grooves. This trio combines the raw energy of Black Flag with the pulse-pounding movement of Melvins, and wraps it all in the doom of Black Sabbath. Since their inaugural show in November of 2011, Rebuild/Repair has built a loyal following, with airtime on the Podcast, The Grind, and features in Vue and Absolute Underground. 

In 2012 Rebuild/Repair put out two well-reviewed E.P.'s, played their first Western Canadian Tour, and opened for Off With Their Heads (Epitaph). The band has just released their third E.P., Arson Awareness Day, and has many shows coming up in and around Western Canada. Up the punx! (Whatever that means)"

Well their own self-branded "intense amalgamation of Doom/Sludge metal and 80's hardcore punk" is a breath of fresh fucked-up air. The band might have a slight disjointed punk feel but you can't deny the power of this excellent band.

Their latest EP - Arson Awareness Day - is an excellent blast of heavy fucked-up Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs to get your mind, body and soul pumped up for the next 21 mins or so. Just play this at full blast and let all your anger out as Rebuild/Repair are the perfect band to unleash all your tensions out to.

Especially on great tracks such as Arson Awareness Day, Post-Industrial-City-States and the 8 minute epic Rust. All showing what a cool band they actually are. They might sound like they can't play their instruments but beneath the carnage is a superb brutal politically motivated band you all need to check out.

They are receiving a lot of praise in their homeland and on this form it's not hard to see why. So what you waiting for. Get downloading now as this is available on Buy Now Download via Bandcamp. Check out their other excellent EP's as well. 

These guys demand your attention now. You won't be sorry. Awesome Stuff.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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