Saturday 19 October 2013

Black Heath Coven - Cavern Of Mantras - Review

Black Heath Coven 'Cavern Of Mantras' Artwork 

Black Heath Coven is a Drone/Noise/Doom/Ambient Metal Duo from the UK.

Black Heath Coven features Stoke duo Andy Jarvis (Vile Plumage) and Daz Rowlands (Space Witch) teaming up for something deadly and mysterious told through the power of noise, doom and drone.

Darren kindly sent me a copy of their debut record - Cavern Of Mantras - which is being released on Cassette Tape on Halloween aka 31st October 2013 via Cosmic Tomb Records as a limited tape cassette.

So is this 36 minute monster any good. Well yeah if you're into Ambient/Drone/Doom/Noise sounds being played at a slow heavy pace. Then this is the record for you. But if you're not a fan of this type of thing then it's best to look for your kicks elsewhere.

Though I am a massive fan of Drone influenced violent Noise/Doom sounds and Cavern Of Mantras really impressed the hell out of me. Full of distorted noises and riffs coming out of nowhere to scare the living fuck out of you.

Black Heath Coven know how to build up the atmosphere before unleashing hell on earth. The riffs are played at a mid-tempo pace which gives the album a creepy and scary vibe. I think the guys are influenced by legendary horror movies of the 70s and 80s as this album would of been the perfect soundtrack for some classic horror movies. Or some of the legendary 80s Video Nasties that were banned in the UK back in the 80s.

Andy and Daz are in there element here cramming as many noises and effects as possible by playing as many different instruments that is humanly possible. Maybe Andy and Daz actually did have help from Satan himself when recording this.

Though I will say I loved the first 25 mins of the album more as it's the more heaviest and most disturbing. As the last 12 mins or so is mainly quiet ambient based noises without any real menace. It doesn't make the record boring at all. Far from it. It's beautifully played by Andy and Daz. I just wish they mixed it up a bit. More violent drone based riffs at the end.

That criticism aside - Cavern Of Mantras is an excellent release showcasing Andy and Daz talents to perfection. If you have the stomach for loud drone distorted nightmares then this is the dream release for you.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Daz for sending me a promo to review. Cavern Of Mantras will be available to buy here from Oct 31st 2013.

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