Wednesday 30 October 2013

New Interview with Adrift For Days

Come Midnight... cover art

It's been a long time since I have caught up with Adrift For Days. The brilliant Aussie Sludge/Drone/Doom/Stoners who released in my opinion the best album of 2012 with Come Midnight.

Come Midnight is going to be released soon on vinyl courtesy of ace record label - Doognad Records. I thought it would be cool to catch up with these amazing sonic maestros to see hwo they have been getting on since the last time I spoke to them.

1. Hi guys. Thanks for doing this. It’s been a while. How are things with Adrift For Days today?

Mick: Great, really looking forward to the Come Midnight vinyl release and the new music we have been writing.

2. Well it’s been almost 14 months since I last featured you guys. So what’s been happening since then.

Lachlan: Mick (vocals) has welcomed a little droner, Jayden, into the world. Ron (lead guitar) has been touring extensively with Dumbsaint. Matt (bass) and I have been fiddling with a bunch of other projects. Steve (drums) has been deep chilling.

3. Come Midnight was your last album. It received a whole truckload of acclaim even being my fave No 1 Record of 2012. It seems the album struck a chord with the Stoner/Sludge/Doom Community. Looking back are you proud of the reviews the album received?

Mick: Thanks Steve! You guys at Sludgelord have been great to us and to a lot of underground artists. It's a nice feeling to get good feedback when you have worked so hard on something you are passionate about. I am very proud of that album.

Steve: I was blown away, I didn't expect the plaudits and comparisons to bands I look up to. It was great stuff to read.

Lachlan: We’re just humbled and contented.

4. 12 months on would you change anything about the album or are you happy with the way it is?

Steve: Selfishly (maybe stupidly) I don't listen to the album anymore because I can't help but take apart my drumming and criticize it. "I could have done this better" is my main thought. I guess it's a learning tool now to help me grow as a musician.

Lachlan: At times I can’t help but nitpick and think “what if we cut some of the length out?” or “were we trying to be too ambitious?” But then I always accept that a recording is a representation of a time and place in our lives.

Overall I’m pretty content with what we did - I think the production is great. What we’re not happy with we’ll learnt from, and hopefully the next one will be even better.

Mick: Every musician will always criticize their own work, that is why we hardly ever listen to our art. I just try and look forward these days and hope to better myself with every album we do.

5. Have you been touring regularly or performing gigs over the last 12 months or so. Any favourite gigs or particular highlights?

Lachlan: We’ve been a little quiet since our ‘Come Midnight...’ launch tour. Mick needed a little time off with his newborn; it’s given a bunch of us time to focus on other projects.

We’re getting back into the swing now. I’m really happy with how our live sets have been sounding -- and I've loved playing with local bands like Helm, Dumbsaint, Solkyri, Eleventh He Reaches London, Mother Mars and Yanomamo.

We’re looking forward to the next era of our little drone band.

6. Now Come Midnight is now being released on Vinyl via Doognad Records. Congrats on that one. Great label. How did that came about?

Mick: Thank you. We are over the moon.

Lachlan: Thomas from Doognad got in touch. The offer he gave us was very generous; and looking at the quality of some of his other releases (Demonic Death Judge’s latest in particular) sealed the deal!

7. Plus it’s being release on a rather nice limited edition splattered edition. Did you have any input into the design of the vinyl or was that left up to Doognad to do?

Ron: Thomas has been fantastic. He gave us complete creative control. I worked with Thomas on getting the package together -- with a gatefold cover, 180 gram vinyl, and lyric sheet. We’re so stoked that this record really will be exactly how we imagined it.

Mick: I enjoyed it a lot more than the CD. It sounds really good!

8. I think Vinyl is the perfect format for Come Midnight due to the epic sounds you included originally onto the album. Have you heard the final result yet. Can you tell people what to expect when it goes on sale on Oct 29th though shipping out in Nov 2013.

Lachlan: We got the album remastered for vinyl. We’ve spun the test presses and can confirm it is full of warm, fuzzy, psychedelic goodness.

Steve: It sounds fucking epic!

9. What have you all been doing individually for the last 12 months or so. I know Lachlan has been busy with his label and other bands. What about the other members.

Mick: I have been a little quiet of late with my family but I have still been writing and recording music. Look out for The Isolation Tapes.

Lachlan: Yeah, Mick and I have been working on a new acoustic project together we’re calling The Isolation Tapes.

I ran away to an isolated cottage in the Blue Mountains to record. I didn’t speak to another human being for most that time. It was a really cool, cathartic process; it’s helped me deal with a lot of shit I’ve gone through this year.

Mick is laying down his vocals at the moment. We’ve got some violin and textural recording still to go soon before this gets released - but I can’t wait. It’s a big change for both of us.

Ron: I’ve been touring quite a bit with my progressive post-metal band Dumbsaint. We’ve had some great shows with Earth, This Will Destroy You, Grails, Twelve Foot Ninja, and also released our debut album Something That You Feel Will Find Its Own Form.

Lachlan: Ron and I also recorded and released a Battle Pope record together. We went on a crazy, hedonistic tour to support that earlier this year… it was pretty fucking wild.

I’ve been doing the Art As Catharsis label thing; we released some awesome stuff by 100 Years of Solitude, Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt and Snakes Get Bad Press.

Matt and I recently released Jackals’ debut EP Dronepunk. We’re hoping to get to south East Asia next year. Matt has also been playing in Hobo Bordeux and Face Command. They’re all pretty different projects!

Steve: I’m just trying to be a better musician.

10. So can I ask if we will be expecting a new album/EP in 2014 or is that way too early…

Lachlan: We’ve been writing! We’ve got no shortage of new ideas; the trick is going to be being a bit more ruthless and cutting everything down to the essentials. We’re exploring some new sounds, some new moods, new influences - there should be at least a few surprises in store.

After we tour this record a little bit, we’re going to knuckle down and finish writing our new album. I’d say we’re looking at a mid-2014 release.

11. Has the Australian Musical Scene changed at all over the last 12 months. Or is still hard for a Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal band to get attention in Australia. As there are a lot of brilliant bands around at the moment.

Lachlan: To me it feels like we’re in a bit of a lull. When we started out in 2009, the scene seemed really strong; we had Doomsday Festival at it’s peak, we’d just discovered exciting Australian bands like Space Bong, Hydromedusa and Looking Glass.

Nowadays we have more international bands than ever reaching our shores thanks to Heathen Skulls and Life Is Noise - but I haven’t been blown away by any new local bands. Maybe I’m just more jaded or more isolated, but I want to hear new sounds! I’m waiting for that next local band that inspires me and forces me to pick up my game.

There are always cool new Australian bands appearing (Hiatus Kaiyote, 100 Years of Solitude, ACHE) -- they just don’t seem to be in the stoner/doom genre right now.

But like I say, it could just be my tastes. I always need new ideas and new music; I can’t sit still.

12. Which albums and artists have you been checking out in 2013. Any personal faves currently rocking your world.

Lachlan: They’re not all new, but I’ve really been enjoying Chelsea Wolfe’s Pain Is Beauty, Dustin O’Halloran’s Lumiere, Joanna Newsom’s YS, Scott Kelly’s The Unforgiven Ghost In Me, Bon Iver’s self-titled album, Hiatus Kaiyote’s Tawk Tomhawk… Not a lot of heavy doom and stoner in there… Boris kicked ass in Sydney earlier this year.

Steve: Om’s Advaitic Songs really got my attention.

Matt: I've been listening to Twelve Tone Diamonds, Dead Kennedys, John Barry and Anklepants.

Mick: Hookworms - Pearl Mystic, The Dillinger Escape Plan - One of Us Is the Killer, Palms - Palms, Clutch - Earth Rocker, Doomriders - Grand Blood, Vista Chino - Peace, Church Of Misery - Thy Kingdom Scum and Author & Punisher - Women & Children.

I think they were all released in 2013. That is just a few. Plenty of great releases this year. Been on a Hellacopters, Greg Weeks, Bad Brains, The Shrine and Dr John kick lately as well.

13. What are your views on bands and artists using fundraising websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo to raise funds from fans to release their next album or musical product. Are you fans of that process. Would Adrift For Days ever go down that route.

Lachlan: Musicians, artists and labels are still struggling to find sustainable models for the digital age. I don’t mind the idea of crowdfunding; but I also haven’t personally supported many crowdfunding projects.

I don’t really think I’ll be trying it out for any project in the near future - it just doesn’t overly appeal to me right now. Art As Catharsis is a low-cost model as it is. There isn’t a huge need for that kind of money.

14. What are your plans for the next 12 months or so. Anything we should be excited about.

Lachlan: We will write, record and release a new 12” LP - then hopefully tour the hell out of it.

15. Last question – Do you have anything to say to your fans.

Mick: Thank you all for the love and support you have shown us. Spread our name around and enjoy life.

Well thanks to the guys for doing this interview. Always great catching up with this amazing band. Hope your vinyl sells out and no doubt it will.

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