Friday 4 October 2013

Goatess - S/T (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 5/7/2013
Label : Svart Records

Goatess , album track listing :
1). Know Your Animal (7:45)
2). Alpha Omega (7:10)
3). Ripe (7:55)
Full Moon At Noon (8:01)
5). Oracle Pt. 1: The Mist (4:40)
Oracle Pt. 2 (8:53)
King One (10:37)
8). Tentacles of Zen (11:52)
Bio :

The Band Was Formed In Early Summer Of 2009, But Had Been The Project Of Niklas And Chritus For Several Years. Originally WEEKEND BEAST, The Band Changed Name To GOATESS August 2012.

The Band :

Niklas - Guitar
Findus - Bass
Kenta - Drums
Chritus - Vocals

Review :

Goatess' self titled new album opens up with one of many epic sounding stoner odyssey's. Know Your Animal opens with a placid, picked intro before a fuzz heavy riff of Kyuss proportions destroys everything in its path.

Alpha Omega finds the vocal delivery in full Neil Fallon mode. The slower tempo of the track shimmies along with an almost swing like quality. Full Moon at Noon has a more urgent pace and some glorious cow bell action. The sound is a little more traditional in delivery, but the guitars ooze some serious groove. As the track hits the finishing straight the bass rumbles behind the guitars at a lung shaking level. The track clocks a lofty 8 minutes but never once sounds like a chore.

Oracle Pt 1 provides a psychedelic respite from the towering riffs before they return to destroy in part two of the track. Again, the bass is in a constant duel with the heavily distorted guitars; however the skilled production make it work. The vocals are reminiscent of Robert Plant in all his shrieking glory.

The closing two tracks of the album take up twenty minutes of the playing time. King One has a massive monotonous riff that is shrouded in crashing cymbals. It's another lung shaking, trance inducing track. A low key psychedelic melody breaks out towards the end of the track which again allows bass and guitar to shine.

12 minute closer, Tentacles of Zen opens up with a lone riff laced with film sound bites. As the track moves forth it’s more of the same formula but make no mistake, this is not just filler. Half way through the track the band throw in an eastern tinged, sitar sounding guitar and change up the sound with rolling drums. This freshness and seeming curveball of a closing rounds the album off perfectly, but not before another run through the crushing guitar, bass and drum formula that makes this album a massive success.

Words by : Dominic Walsh

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