Saturday 19 October 2013

Biipiigwan - Something For Everyone, Nothing For Anyone - Review

Man cover art

Biipiigwan is a Sludge Metal Band from Canada

The members are:

Mike Shrives
Steve Vargas
Musqwaunquot Rice
a bunch of other people

So let’s do a quick checklist before we move on with this album review.

Ingredients for an Excellent Sludge Metal Band From Canada

Loud and Heavy – Yeah
Thick Sludge Riffs – Yeah
Angry As Out – Yeah

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Metal Legend – Topon Das – Yeah, Yeah and Yeah

Biipiigwan have a fearsome reputation in their Canadian Homeland and by this evidence it’s not hard to see why. They have just released their excellent and hard-hitting 2nd album – Something For Everyone, Nothing For Anyone. An 8-song bruising encounter that will turn your life upside down for the next 35 minutes or so.

Biipiigwan don’t mess about here. They play at a fast and furious pace you will think your life is not worth living after listening to this audio onslaught of down and dirty Sludge based riffs. The band feels they are playing with Sledgehammers with every instrument as they are a very powerful unit indeed. Add a vocalist with loud and angry passionate growls and you have a band you wouldn’t mess with.

Though the band still find time to add some excellent groove laiden sludge metal riffs amongst the carnage. Especially on excellent tracks such as – Man, Nishkaak, Shkwyaang and Serf USA. Believe me when I say that Biipiigwan do offer something fresh and different with their music. It may not sound like it from first listen but give it time you will pick up different vibes with every listen.

The band know how to play a mean twisted riff to get the emotions stirring like your ready for battle. Biipiigwan are you commanders and you’re their foot soldiers willing to do their business. It’s powerful stuff. Especially when you have one of my all-time musical heroes – Topon Das – providing able support in the background. Topon is a genius with getting bands sounding their most ferocious. I have sung his praises far too many times here with many superb Canadian Metal bands we have featured here. And Biipiigwan is no different. But I might have to say this is one of the loudest bands I have heard him been involved with.

Though that’s mainly down to Biipiigwan considerable talent and bleak outlook on life. The album will pulverize you from the start. It’s an unrelentless and unflinching slab of Sludge Metal that will knock you from pillar to post with its constant onslaught of action packed riffs. Yeah I loved every violent second of it.

Something For Everyone, Nothing For Anyone is a success on every level. Production is immense as you can feel every pounding note played to brutal perfection. Biipiigwan should really be proud of this album. It’s brilliant. End Of.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Steve from the band for sending me a promo to review. Something For Everyone, Nothing For Anyone is now available to buy via the bands bigcartel page.

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